Parent Testimonials

All I can say is what a wonderful way to induct students into the technologically advanced platform for learning.  My daughter was so excited to be doing math practice in an online environment.  Having her “own” profile was just the best!  I was truly impressed with the online environment and I was never concerned about her safety.  In my graduate studies, we had the blended and online learning environments.  When I first saw the student portal, I was instantly reminded of those days! Exceptional, Extraordinary, Out of the Box way of thinking and learning! Love it!

Sabrina Toney, Former Third Grade Parent

The online student portal used by Mr. Farmer was an excellent resource and tool that effectively exposed and enabled my daughter to do online assignments, send/receive email, ask Mr. Farmer questions, and stay abreast of all her class work, homework, and test assignments.  Both my husband and I were ecstatic when we first saw the portal and was even more excited to know that the kids were using what we considered much needed technology for students. The student portal enabled her to do real life work and assignments that most people don’t experience until college. I was thrilled at the fact that I could see first-hand what the students were working on, what homework was due (this was key in avoiding children losing homework sheets)…but most importantly, Mr. Farmer captured data that was key in us seeing what our child was doing in class, how she was performing and even snapshots of actual grades.  This was key in any parent being concerned about grades or what their child was working on, as the portal provided this information in the parent section.  I also like the fact that parents had a different log in than the students and that we could see what our child was doing, standards, CRCT information, resources, tools, and a open forum for parents to engage, ask questions, and provide feedback, resources, tools etc.  I only wish more teachers would use this portal as it is so effective and detrimental to technological exposure that all kids should experience. Mr. Farmer has an innate niche for technology and the online student portal showed just how endless opportunities for learning can exist for children.

 As a parent in the IT-Engineering field, I was amazed at the exposure and learning that my daughter experienced by using the student portal.  The portal by far exceeds all of my husband and I expectations and exposes our daughter to the endless opportunities of on-line learning and technological advances.

 Venus Thomas, Former Third Grade Parent

Initially, I was very apprehensive about him completing his assignments online which is partly due to my lack of experience with technology. As the year progressed, I noticed that he took initiative in completing the assignments and waiting for the feedback. Moreover, he would watch videos and use the notes provided to review content learned in class and prepare for weekly tests. The online portal is a great resource for parents and I strongly recommend it for the upcoming year. 

Joyce Bradley, Former Third Grade Parent

Our daughter had the esteemed privilege of being apart of Mr. Farmer’s third grade class at Parkside Elementary during the academic school year 2012-2013. During this time Mr. Farmer implemented mrfarmersclass.com student and parent portal. The portal provided daily homework, lesson reviews, classroom information, school information, parental involvement, and individual student grades.

The portal was extremely resourceful, convenient, and intriguing. Our daughter was always excited to do her homework which was such a pleasant surprise for a third grader. She never saw it as homework but more of a reason to explore, research, and enjoy her technology time. Not to mention she was so comfortable with the computer and LOVED teaching her technology challenged parents a thing or two about how to manipulate a computer. Her favorite component was being able to review lessons from the uploaded videos to better enhance her mastery of a specific skill. She also loved the instant feedback from assessments at school. She is truly a product of the instant gratification generation and Mr. Farmer’s portal met that need.

 As working parents the portal provided us the opportunity to monitor her progress daily, contact Mr. Farmer, stay abreast of the current skills being taught, and always being in the know about school and classroom events. So awesome not having to put a ton a papers on the refrigerator as reminders of her school events LOL.  All we had to do was refer to the app on our smart phones and everything was right at our fingertips. We have to admit that instant gratification was awesome!

 Mr. Farmer’s portal definitely set the bar high for our daughter’s education.  He did an extraordinary job preparing her to be a globally competitive, technology based student. We are forever indebted to Mr. Farmer for providing the high quality, technology centered education he provided for our daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Avivice Fletcher, Former Third Grade Parents

Thank you for a great year!!  The student portal has been very instrumental in Joshua’s progress this year.  You have integrated technology into the classroom in a manner that has encouraged the students to monitor and become more responsible for their own progress.  The portal has also allowed parents to have immediate access to their child’s learning progress.  The student portal has extremely helpful!  Thanks!

 Mrs. Vernetta Weems, Former Third Grade Parent

What an amazing school year this has been! Our kids were introduced to culture, technology, resources, and a host of rich learning experiences that truly shaped and prepared our kids for fourth grade, and more importantly, for greatness! Thank you Mr. Farmer for your enduring support, leadership, commitment, and love for our kids.

Giovanni Daou, Former Third Grade Parent