Nearpod Makes Learning Fun Using Less Paper

Are you looking for a creative way to engage your students with technology while saving on paper copies? Nearpod is a great tool for student and teacher interaction using iPads, laptops, or desktop computers. Using the Nearpod website (, teachers can create or find presentations that can include student activities such as multiple choice questions, constructive response questions, graphic organizers, and more. Teachers can control the lessons using their Promethean boards and share out responses to the student devices for discussion and review. All of the student work is archived and reports can also be created using the Nearpod website. Here’s how several teachers are using Nearpod with their students. 

Burgess-Peterson Academy
Lisa Cunningham uses Nearpod to review ecosystems with her fourth grade students. 

Dunbar Elementary School
Marlene Whitsett uses Nearpod to review a Eureka Math addition lesson with her first grade students. 
Allasia Cotton uses Nearpod to review ecosytems with her fourth grade students. 

Parkside Elementary School
LaChez Bowie uses Nearpod to review a Eureka Math multiplication lesson with her third grade students. 

Whitefoord Elementary School
Rouvett Alexander, Althea Pigford, and Eunice Washington use Nearpod to review a Eureka Math multiplication lesson with their third grade students.